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‘ and then I realized I don’t know really anything about white women. However, before I moved to Asia I had met a few Filipina women through friends or in the workplace and suspected I might have a better experience with them then I had with western women.It was just a hunch, but it has definitely proved to be true.You can find here a list of Skype girls from Philippines looking for new friends.For each Skype users, you can check what the person is looking for : contact requests, chat messages, microphone calls or skype cam.

Soon I had 100's of gorgeous young girls interested in old me. I have learned that some of these girls actually make a decent living online chatting with gullable kano's and getting money from them.

I have chatted and webcammed with many of them, however it seems to me that 90% of the really pretty ones are on the hunt for one thing sooner or later...MONEY! They'll have multiple profiles or keep popping up using same hot, usually fake, profile pics. Don't take the online game too seriously and DONT send money to someone you never met in person.

Some are very direct and within a few minutes ask for help with food, or "buy me a webcam so we can chat better", or "my dad had a heartattack today, can you help me? I've heard theres even online websites teaching girls how to do it!

Go on, go download the little yellow app right now and report back and try to tell us it isn't your favorite new addiction.

If you're not already an avid Snapchat user, then where the hell have you been?

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The main reason being because you don’t need ‘game’ with Filipina girls, or girls in any Asian country I have been to.