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Its location adjacent to Saudi Arabia has meant that many of the oldest examples of civilisation have existed in Yemen, dating as far back as the 12th century BC.

City life in Yemen is well worth experiencing, with Sana'a, the capital city, a UNESCO-listed location.

This is the lie that the Saudis have been telling for two years, and it is the propaganda line that so many in Washington are only too eager to endorse.

Touma grabbed his camera and spent nine days holed up in his apartment, recording what was happening outside. A glimpse into a war that’s been raging for years now.Watch our documentary about how compassion had its day in court.One morning in August 2012, renowned Syrian photographer Issa Touma saw young men lugging sandbags into his street.As in many parts of the Islamic world, endogamy (the practice of marrying someone from within one’s own kin group) is common, the preferred marriage being with a paternal first cousin of the opposite gender.The practice of (bride-price, given by the father of the groom) is a usual part of the marriage ceremony.

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